more to life ~ Victoria

Congrats to everyone who did well on the IB or those who met their requirements to get into Uni! No matter the outcome, conquering these two years is an achievement worth bragging about and we should all be super proud of ourselves. A two digit number will never begin to reflect the experiences we’ve had; it’s easy to forget in the midst of results and all that these two years was not just a bleak, depressing period characterised by IAs and deadlines and stress. We did so much together and there is so much more to life and to the time passed by than numbers. We planned trips to Cambodia and Nanning by ourselves. We held our school’s first charity fashion show! We introduced some of the best events ever like the haunted house and the Christmas ball and the blood donation drive. The time spent together arguing about logistics, laughing at stupid things, crying out of frustration… that’s what these two years are about. Things might’ve changed and they might not be as good as they were before, but these are memories that are worth keeping forever. I’m so grateful to have spent all this time with our class of 2016.

Sentimentality aside (as much as I love everyone), there is more to life than results and grades. If you found yourself disappointed, don’t worry, I’m in the same boat. But remember that there’s more to a person than his/her grades. It’s not the end of the world if you didn’t meet other people’s expectations. It’s not the end of the world if you had to resort to Clearing or your insurance choice. Come to terms with that number, and tell yourself that while it might’ve not been what you wanted, it’s what you got, and you’re going to deal with it and be strong. A single number is not going to ruin your life; the only thing that can ruin your life is you. So push through it and know that this is only a small obstacle in the grand scheme of things. You’re ok, and you will be ok. Not everyone can be the best and sometimes people fail and bad things happen, but as cheesy as it sounds, ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’; if you don’t let it affect you that much then you will be able to learn from it and grow. Sometimes one door closes and another opens, and sometimes bad things can be blessings in disguise. You can do it, just keep going.

… At least that’s what I’m telling myself. I’m honestly okay, please don’t feel sorry for me.

Riding with the same theme, because life is short and because Val and I have such a short amount of time together left, we created a bucket list early on for this summer so that we can make memories that we can remember forever. One of which was to get piercings. Ok honestly I don’t know how Val talked me into it because I was definitely quite hesitant at first to go behind my mom’s back. But we had decided that tomorrow was the day that we’d go get it.

She thinks the entire thing was super not impulsive and super planned out but I definitely thought it was a last minute thing. We didn’t even decide on where to go (?) at first. We just searched up piercing places, vaguely decided ‘Central’, found Cubist at LKF and walked up 4 flights of stairs. I don’t think I even had time to think it through in the midst of all the walking and sweating (and dying of heat stroke). The second we walked in we were already asked to choose what piercing we wanted and then that was that. The piercer sterilised everything and stuff and I made Val go first. My first lobe piercing was done with a gun so I didn’t know how a needle would work. Omg I was dead I couldn’t even. He pushed the needle through and then left it there and I was cringing half the time. Val just covered her face like she always does. I asked her if it hurt a lot of times and she said nah.

OK BUT IT DID HURT. And maybe it’s because I have a low pain tolerance or I chose hoop earrings but it DID. Anyways, no regrets. I love the look of having two hoops on my earlobe. It was so exhilarating doing it with Val and getting one thing checked off our bucket list. Here’s to many more, bb. As for the photos, these were the only two I could find our us with our new piercings.

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 12.59.17 am.png Cm26LUbUMAAiQV8.jpg

IMG_5091       IMG_5093.PNG

This was a very badly written post but had to commemorate that day in a way that was not instagram.




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