‘ugh, kpop again?’ ~ Victoria

SORRY but I am going to take this opportunity with Val in the safari and wifi-less to talk about KPOP. You can totally ignore this post but if you want some recommendations of good KPOP songs to listen to (including k-rap, k-hiphop, k-RnB, k-reggae) read on pleaaaaase!

The Christmas of 2015 saw the start of my obsession with GOT7 – a group of 7 dorks who are all sO handsome and with such a wide range of personalities you’ll never get bored of them. I made a fan-acc Twitter and all and started getting into a LOT more groups and listening to more songs. I’m not claiming to be an expert in KPOP but I used to be one of those people who’d be revolted by the mention of it and now I regret so much that I never got into it earlier.

Here’s a list of songs that I would’ve wanted to have listened to right from the start to get an intro into KPOP. KPOP isn’t JUST pop, it has so many different genres within. Give these a chance! For those who are already in KPOP please don’t kill me if I didn’t put down an ‘obvious classic’ because I’m not an expert at KPOP and I’ve already tried my best to put down every genre possible. I’ve linked the MVs/performances so do give them a listen 🙂 A few of these were recommended by Brian at the start ^.^(My favourites are starred)

Please right click on the links to open in new tab!

  1. *GOT7 – If You Do: My favourite GOT7 song, the first one I ever listened to that induced my obsession. About the double standards in a relationship between a guy and a girl, Jackson’s voice is super husky, theres so much emotion in their voices, the music video is so good (they all look so hot).
  2. BTS – I Need U: Chances are you’ve probably already heard this song, basically one of BTS’ most popular songs, the dance is so hot, has a whimsical airy whistle background sound that transitions into a more hardcore electronic/hiphop sounding chorus, it’s super catchy (there’s a reason why there are so many ARMYs).
  3. GOT7 – REWIND: Another favourite GOT7 song, composed by one of the members, there’s a synth sound that follows through – please listen to this it’s so good.
  4. TWICE – OOH-AHH: Honestly there’s nothing too special about this song except that it is so catchy and was basically Korea’s national anthem for a while.
  5. B2ST – FICTION: You must’ve heard this, the coolest dance ever, I love the tune, and BEAST always seems to have some of the best melodies.
  6. EXO – Growl: Super catchy tune, THERE’S A REASON WHY EXO IS POPULAR.
  7. EXO – Overdose: It has that really tough/hard(?) typical EXO sound, very KPOP I guess.
  8. EXO – Lucky OneI love this song. It has that funky vibe and it’s sound so uplifting.
  9. Gfriend – Rough: It had like 12 wins on music shows or something, arguably one of the most popular girl groups at the moment, they have super good vocals, the song’s also really cute, has that airy school girl feeling (that doesn’t even make sense).
  10. *B.A.P. – 1004: 1004 is ‘angel’ in Korean, the song has the best tune, a classic acoustic guitar intro that transitions into a more pop sounding chorus/bridge with a piano background, one of my all time favourite KPOP songs.
  11. B1A4 – Tried to Walk: Has the typical KPOP sounds, but a great chorus melody too.
  12. *Brave Girls – Deepened: A song that you kinda have to listen to a few times to get really into, it’s unlike any other KPOP song you’ve heard. You can imagine what this song would sound like but you won’t be able to, it has a very echo-y sound, a lot of snares, a lot of unusual quirks, the dance is basically a lot of squats and the rap… it’s like she’s singing and rapping at the same time it’s so good.
  13. iKON – What’s Wrong: The so-called next Big Bang (I disagree because to me WINNER is the true next Big Bang but), here’s a song that’s pretty good (not really to me), I’m just really biased to Winner lmao.
  14. NU’EST – FACE: It sounds like something that would come out of the same era as “Numa Numa”, but a pretty good song/tune.
  15. Phantom – Burning: Sounds similar to FACE, that same feeling I guess. A good emotional one!
  16. Henry – TRAP: I’m in love with the piano intro, the chorus has one of those melodies that pull at your heartstrings and makes you think about stuff and feel things.
  17. WINNER – Sentimental: Winner is my favourite group aside from GOT7 because they are so talented. One of the members is deaf in one ear and can sing so well. Winner also has a really distinct sound, it’s a mix of pop music with a rock-boyband beat (if that makes sense).
  18. *WINNER – Don’t Flirt: It sounds like a Maroon 5 song, it’s not overwhelmed with the sound of the instruments, but it’s super cute and flirty and Taehyun’s voice is to die for… also please watch the dance omg.
  19. *WINNER – Pricked: A ballad, the ballad, it’s definitely not as popular as it should be, it makes you feel like crying, forces you to feel sad but it’s such a great feeling when the song changes key at the bridge and daaaaaamn just listen to it.
  20. Song Mino (Winner) ft. Taeyang – Fear: Yes this is Taeyang from BigBang! It’s a slow-tempo rap song, but the things he raps about is about things like not being good enough, trying his best, overcoming obstacles, and it’s so powerful (just read the English translations), Taeyang’s voice is also heavenly in the chorus.
  21. B2ST – On Rainy Days: A ballad, you need to get to the chorus, it’s so heartfelt and even if you don’t understand the lyrics it makes you think back to fluffy shit like your first love/heartbreak.
  22. Monsta X – Hero: Another more typical KPOP song, has a pretty good drop, honestly if I could dance this would be quite a cool song to dance to. Alas, I can’t.
  23. G-Dragon – R.O.D.: I know GD has a lot of other good songs but this is my favourite because of the chorus tbh, slightly (slightly) dubstep-y. Start at 0:12.
  24. Taeyang – Only Look At Me: An oldie but a goodie!!
  25. DAY6 – Blood: DAY6 is a band (all of them play an instrument), the song is the most indie/hipster-y sounding out of all these songs, the rift with the electronic guitar at the start is so unnnnnf.
  26. Nicole – Joker: I only like this song for the rift at the intro, has the same feel as Wonder Girls’ I Feel You, but this song is really not well known.
  27. Shinhwa – This Love: A classic KPOP song, the dance to this is so feminine but so hot? We live for thiiiiiiiiiiiis love. (I’m linking GOT7’s performance to it because it was absolutely amazing… Even though Jaebum is missing :\)
  28.  KNK – Knock: KNK only made their debut this year but it’s a really good high quality song. Fun fact: All of their members are 180cm+, the tallest is 189cm; basically giants. They can sing live so well.
  29. BIGBANG – Haru Haru: A classic. One of Big Bang’s older songs but at every concert there’s a segment where the fans sing the chorus and it’s absolutely amazing.
  30. *Speed – One Day: Sounds like something that would start playing in Kdramas when the girl walks away from the guy, a good ballad.
  31. MAMAMOO – You’re The Best: A girl group that doesn’t sound cutesy, has super powerful vocals, has a very different sound from the rest, all of their members are so pretty (they’re not your archetypcal KPOP plastic girl group).
  32. Wonder Girls – Why So Lonely: Yeah everyone knows Wonder Girls from ‘Nobody’ but seriously, this song couldn’t be any more different. It’s basically reggae, they’re a band and they dance while playing instruments, it’s so hot. (Yubin though oh god). The rappers sing and the singers rap.
  33. Wonder Girls – I Feel You: A 70s feel song, Wonder Girls’ concepts are so unique, they DANCE WITH THEIR INSTRUMENTS.
  34. *Heize – And July: SHE HAS SUCH A NICE VOICE. It’s RnB, has a quirky piano background, the MV is so aesthetic. Dean is also so hot?
  35. f(x) – 4 Walls: A girl group that breaks the typical cutesy KPOP girl group standards – TWICE and Gfriend – has a very electronic feel, Amber’s rap is also so <3.
  36. Zico – Veni Vidi Vici: K-Rap, pronounced ‘weni widi wiki’, I oddly really like this song…
  37. Dean – Put My Hands On You: Such a chill, house-ish, kinda song, his little rap in the middle is my favourite bit.
  38. *Lucky J – No Love: A co-ed KPOP group, primarly rap, the violin in the background makes the song so emotional, the raps are so good too, the Jessi’s voice is aMAZING. ONE OF MY FAVOURITES (kinda new too).
  39. 4 Minute – Hate: A very contrasting verse to chorus sound, but it fits so well, the dance is also so hot. I hate that they disbanded I’m gonna go cry now.
  40. Heize and Dean – Shut Up and Groove: Chill, RnB/Soul type of music, I LOVE HER VOICE. That is all.
  41. BtoB – So Pretty: Underrated group, amazing vocals, the members have hilarious personalities.
  42. BONUS! JYPNATION – Encore: My baby Yugyeom raps in this and it’s so so so so so good. (Consists of members from TWICE, 2PM, GOT7, Wonder Girls etc.)



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