arrived in Boston ~ Valerie

Just a short blog post to commemorate the fact that I’ve left Hong Kong and am currently at my cousin’s place in Boston. The last two days were probably some of the toughest I’ve experienced; saying goodbye to everyone was actually heartbreaking. The plane ride was also terrible and I’m glad I got that over with. At the airport Vic gave me my birthday presents, one of which was an iPod with nostalgic music and photos and “open when you’re ____” notes and it was for sure the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever received. She also wrote a four-sided letter that I read two paragraphs of on the plane and couldn’t continue reading because it made me too emotional (I’ll get to it when I’m feeling more stable).

Now that the goodbyes are over and done with I’m no longer constantly on the brink of tears like I was on the last day, but little things do open the gate to the waterworks. I miss my room and my bed and being able to go downstairs and play with Mia (my dog) or play cards with my siblings. I also miss waking up at 8am, spending the day with either Vic or Andrew, coming home and tutoring my sister, and then going to sleep while still on the phone. That was my summer routine and I wish I were in HK going through that instead of being up at 7am not having slept the entire night because of jetlag, frantically making a shopping and errand list for the one day that I have free before I go on my backpacking pre-orientation trip, and missing everyone.





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