a week in my life at Yale ~ Valerie

Due to pure and utter ceebsness (PEOPLE HERE DON’T SAY CEEBS OR EVEN CBF), I’ve decided that instead of writing a blog post, I’m going to post a bunch of photos and videos that I took throughout the week that depict a typical week of my life at college (hover over the photos for captions with my A++++ commentary).

**disclaimer: I’ve (mostly) refrained from posting pics/vids that show other people because of privacy and whatnot


Friday was TD Movie Night: we all brought blankets and pillows out to the courtyard and watched Mulan on an outdoor screen (I sat next to Sasha the whole time). Can I just emphasize how much I FUCKING LOVE Mulan, who is a powerful, heroic, gender-role-defying feminist icon. I hadn’t watched Mulan since the primary school oral exam auditorium days and it brought back so many memories. We all sang ‘I’ll make a man out of you’ collectively and I straight-up cried in the end when Mulan goes back home and her dad tells her he loves her.


We went to an international pregame where I found a ton of my fellow internationals, and then to a La Casa party. Then we got froyo and explored campus. I climbed a tree. Branford (another one of the residential colleges) has a dope rope swing; TD needs to step our game up.


Nothing particularly interesting: I’d left all my work to do until Sunday, including 600+ pages of reading, two essays, and a presentation. Sundays are when all the work you procrastinated over the weekend piles up and kicks you in the fucking face.


Andrew sent me a 10kg package that hurt my arms to carry back from the Yale Post Office. It had candy and chocolate and seaweed and ramen and green tea and notebooks and I ❤ HK shirts. I miss Hong Kong food so much–even the food you get in 7-11, which I always took for granted. Vic also got me two sweaters because I severely underpacked winter clothing and there are no affordable clothing shops in New Haven. It was the sweetest thing ever and made my entire day ❤ (I love you both)


Tuesday was a rough day. I had so much work and I was lying on the floor in despair, not knowing how to start my English essay. But I had my friends to share my anguish with and we worked together in the common room of my suite until 4am. Also, it got to that time of night and I started laughing too hard at something really stupid–it was such a great relief from all the stress and I’m so grateful I had that for my sanity’s sake.


Wednesday was the MOST STRESSFUL day. I was panicking because I still hadn’t started my essay, which had the most confusing and difficult prompt I’d ever had to write an essay for. I also had 40 pages of my psych textbook to read and a mini-essay to write. So the only pic/video I have is the one I took when I went down to the guys’ suite during my 5-minute essay-writing break.


Thursdays are long (I have two lectures and one seminar), but once the day’s over I feel SO RELIEVED AND FREE because I only have one class on Friday.


  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OZjHjJToVo
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMS0O3kknvk


Jocelyn, Izzy and I were all wearing shirts from our hometown (Hong Kong LA New York represent) so we took this photo.


fridays are always lit


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