a typical Friday (blogmas day 2) ~ Valerie

We’re going to pretend that I’m writing this on Dec 2, the day I’m supposed to be posting, and not the day after. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up with Blogmas; the next few weeks are going to be brutal what with essays and finals before I get let out for break on the 22nd, but I’m going to try my best.

~let the pretense begin ~

So it’s 1am (or it was when I started) and I feel like my day has been incredibly unproductive but also so productive simultaneously. I took an Uber on my own for the FIRST TIME, and it was an unbelievable experience. The driver was so friendly and we talked the entire ride. I feel like I know his entire life story: he was a nurse at Yale for 6 years, he has a daughter who likes Charlie Puth, him and his ex-wife are divorced, he went to a military academy, he served as a Marine and was in Japan for 3 years, he has two rescued dogs etc. etc. etc. It baffles me how Americans can talk so much and while we all know the ‘nosy obnoxious American’ stereotype and how annoying it can be, sometimes I really do like how friendly people are here in comparison to Hong Kong, where people keep their heads down and mind their own business and don’t hold doors open for the person behind them.

Anyway, after the ride he asked if I wanted a ride back and said that he’d wait for me while I settled my bank account (what I’d taken the Uber there to do). I think I assumed that he just wanted a guaranteed passenger that he could get money from, but when I got back on his car after the bank and asked how to connect my Uber to his, he waved it off and said ‘nah you’re good, it’s free’. So essentially I got a free ride (the ride over cost $36 USD) from this really really friendly stranger. I was wondering if it was sketchy and if I was just being naïve so I texted my roommate to call the police if I weren’t back in 2 hours.

All of which leads to a different story. During the ride, Vic texted me a bunch of times saying ‘VAL IT’S URGENT REPLY ME’ but because I was in the Uber busy talking to a guy who’d given me a free ride not wanting to seem rude for texting, and because I was almost back home and about to FaceTime Vic anyway, I didn’t respond. So Vic legitimately thought I was dead, FREAKED THE FUCK OUT, and Facebook messaged Gabe ( one of my close friends here), Justin (why Justin?????? I don’t know what was going through her head), and apparently was about to DM Skyler on Instagram. All of which was completely unwarranted—I was FINE. But I guess Vic was also going through some intense shit (maybe she’ll tell you more maybe not) which kind of explains her paranoia.

Anyway, I got back safely and Vic and I proceeded to video call for almost three hours. Our calls are a mix of everything—from talking about actual serious stuff, to going through our old Instagrams and ask.fms reminiscing, to me laughing uncontrollably at hearing my laugh when the video call malfunctions (does this make sense??? probably not but ceebs to explain). They say distance makes you grow apart but I honestly feel like Vic and I are even closer now that we’re in different countries, just because we have to make a conscious effort to always keep up with each other’s lives. It’s good to know that we’re best friends not simply because we were in the same school and had no-one else to be friends with. Long story short, I feel sorry for people who don’t have what we have.

By the time we got off the call, it was 6pm. I guess at this point in the blog post I’m recounting my day instead of talking about specific themes, so I’ll just continue. I went out for dinner with my friends, then got back and made more art in the TD art studio. Here’s what our wall looks like now:


Am I Rory Gilmore yet??


Which brings me to today’s night-out experience. Because the club here is only open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, Friday is normally a frat night. The over-21 drinking age also puts a damper on everything. We walked over to the frats but realized no parties were going on, so we explored campus instead and found a common room and plotted to take a spontaneous trip to NYC that very night. I guess the plan kind of fell through when we realized the last train left 20 minutes ago. All in all, Friday was not a lit night, but at least there’s Saturday.

So we got back at 1-ish (the time I started this post) and I tried to do work because I have a midterm coming up that I REALLY WANT AN A ON but that plan fell through too. I spent 1am-5am just talking to people. Jocelyn and I actually went to bed at the same time, which we don’t normally do because I sleep at ungodly hours, and we stayed awake talking for about an hour.

I have more to write but I’m going to save it for my next post.



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