a random day in my life (blogmas day 3)~ Victoria

Good for y’all you’re getting another post today (because Val is lame and forgot to post). Really didn’t know what to post today but I guess I’ll start with a recount.

I’ve developed a pretty awful cough recently (anyone from our old school would know – remember when I coughed non-stop in school and had to bring an inhaler during those few weeks? It’s the same one). It’s not a flu cough so it doesn’t have phlegm or like retching sounds, and I don’t have a sore throat either which kind of sucks because at least I’d know how to cure it i.e. take flu medication or Pei Pa Ko (Pi Pa Kau) to sooth the pain. It’s just dry coughs that happen when I feel like I’m suffocating. Literally I feel like my wind pipe is constricted so I can’t breathe properly and when I do I get the urge to cough. I literally missed most of my lecture last week because I’m a considerate human being and didn’t want to bother everyone else in lectures. And it has bothered me so much I’ve woken myself up in the middle of the night coughing and it sucks because it feels like I haven’t slept all night and I wake up feeling extremely exhausted as if I’ve done the most intense ab exercises. I better develop abs after this.

So, having not slept well at all last night, I wanted to wake up earlier this morning to start on my essay (my 6th one!) that’s due on Monday but I found myself going back to sleep after snoozing my 8 am alarm and not waking up until 11:50 (10 minutes before I had to meet a friend to go to brunch). I rolled out of bed, got dressed and ready in less than 10 minutes and walked over to the Bailey for brunch. Brunch at Durham consists of a selection of 6 from things like 2 types of sausages, hash browns, scrambled eggs, baked beans, pancakes and beef patties (I think that’s what those are). There’s always a yoghurt bar, cereal bar and a coffee machine. Needless to say, it’s the part of the week I look forward to the most. There’s nothing like stumbling out of bed with swollen eyes and uncombed hair, indulging in the best meal of the day with one of your closest friends here.

After that we went to the Christmas market and looked around for things. Despite the rather pricey entrance fee, the best part about going to any Christmas market is finally being able to experience the Christmas spirit for the first time in 365 days! I genuinely can’t believe how fast this term has passed but it makes me so so happy to be listening to a live band play Christmas songs and breathing in the scent of mulled wine. And oh my god toffee vodka is so good?

I thought I was going to come home (home! Yes can’t believe I call Durham home now) and do a bit of work but I spontaneously called a friend I hadn’t talked to for so long and it was so heartwarming to catch up and have a DMC. There are those people who you’ll always be comfortable talking to about everything and anything even if you haven’t seen or heard from them in ages. (Shoutout to Winnie !!)

Then I had Sing Cell (Singaporean Christian cell group) at 4pm and we had perhaps the most riveting discussion on Hebrews 6 and spent the remaining time talking about life and being absolutely inappropriate and giving advice and just growing closer in general. So grateful to have a group of people like this who are going through the same uni experience but also share the same faith and values; it’s such a great support system.

I’m aware that my writing voice is slightly different to how it normally is but it’s because I kinda need to exercise my essay voice before I actually go back and write another 800 words for tonight. It’s 10pm now, I hate that I always end up in this position, but I mean it’s practically impossible to balance social life, work and sleep so screw everything. See this whole thing is stressful – academics in uni is absolutely stressful and really pushes you to the limit – but what really gets me through is knowing that by Monday I will have churned out yet another essay and that day will come and the time that I’ll have finished will come and it’ll be great, especially since this is my last essay of the term and get to celebrate by going to Cheapskates :’) I’m not even in my own room at the moment because I know I’m going to be so tempted to go to sleep (so I’m in Rachel’s – she’s completely done with essays already and she’s keeping an eye on me thank you love you saranghae woaini).

Now I’m going to go back to slaving away at analysing Antigone and Oedipus Rex. Wish me luck, hope I’ll only have a few mental breakdowns and that I’ll actually make it to church tomorrow…


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