being lazy (blogmas day 7) ~ Victoria

It’s the 8th of December I’m constantly going to be late but at least I’m always just a day behind and not dayS behind.

At the moment I’m not typing on my laptop I”m actually on Rachel’s laptop. I’ve just facetimed her family, wrapped a few presents and now am hanging out in her room. She hates me I think because I’ve convinced her to not go to our poetry lecture and just screw around for an hour. I’ve just been in the most ceebs mood since my essays are done (which is fair, I deserve this).


Don’t really know what my plans are for today. Supposedly dinner at 5:15, then either a Shakespeare public lecture or a live nativity sequence at market square at 6 (still deciding). Why the hell am I having dinner at 5. I just end up getting so hungry at night and snack on instant noodles.Yes I have put on weight. Ugh.

I’m so excited to be back. I miss Phuket people and Val and everyone and family so much. Though it’s weird because I haven’t felt homesick. Idk if those who have studied abroad feel the same way I do but because I’ve occupied myself with so many things the past few weeks I haven’t had the time to think about home and at a certain point I’ve just forgotten what it feels like to be sleeping in my bed at home or taking the MTR or eating dinner with family. Is that bad? I mean it’s impossible to feel homesick if I don’t remember how it feels like.

This just in: Rachel’s cute Slovakian flatmate just broke a jar of ham. She’s going to go check on him now.

This is so pointless lmao.

P.s. absolutely SLAYED my essay.



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