I’M SORRY (blogmas day 13) ~ Victoria

I’ve been a mess everything’s been a mess it’s also been a really good mess and I’m glad to be able to escape from said mess but also sad because I love Durham so much. I know this post is late shut up!!!

Val and I will continue to basically gush and fangirl over our universities because this is our blog and it’s our experience. We’re in no way showing off; it’s just pride. And if you don’t like it you can click off. No one is stopping you from making your own blog with your best friend about your university so don’t stop us from being happy and expressing it.

I’m going to continue from Val’s previous post. College/uni whatever is AMAZING. I don’t know how to put it to words but I experience so many things and tried so many new things and met so many people and made so many reliable friends that I would otherwise not have if I never came to the UK for uni. There’s something about going overseas and just being in a completely new place where you can just be whoever you want to be and not get judged for it. If you’re thinking even considering about going overseas for uni – DO IT. It’ll be terrifying it’ll be absolutely shocking but it’s so worth it.

On Monday I got the most drunk since I’ve been here. Thankfully I stayed with two very reliable guy friends that would never take advantage of me so they managed to get me home even though I was stumbling everywhere. Being drunk is a very weird thing ok. I went into the club having had two cans of cider (Strongbow darkfruit is the shit) so I was tipsy enough thanks to my alcohol tolerance level. Don’t really have to spend too much on nights out. Ok also that’s a thing like when you’re in the club and it’s like 30 minutes past and your friends start to sober up so they get more to drink but you’re still happily tipsy it’s a great thing.

Though I did realise on Monday that my alcohol tolerance has gotten a lot better so even while waiting in line with one of my friends’ flatmates I was able to hold a conversation about how I have a low tolerance and how he’s barely tipsy despite having drank half a bottle of rum. Anyways, we established while waiting in line that we were going to do two shots each (sambuca and tequila) because we were both sobering up. Did that, tasted awful but got more tipsy and danced. I get why people drink – it just makes it less awkward to dance. Then the night went on and we went and got another 3 shots and 2 jagerbombs (they were 1pound each!!) and I didn’t realise how drunk I was until they decided to leave and I couldn’t walk in a straight line. I have a vague memory of everything I said but I think I mixed Slovakia up with Russia and called him a Nazi/Communist (I am aware they are on opposite sides of the political spectrum). They brought me back to one of their flats’ kitchen and the room was SPINNING. I don’t think I’ve ever felt like that before but I was sleepy and my ears were ringing and someone made me eggs!! They kept making me drink water and I had to keep asking if it was vodka. I don’t know oh god I must’ve been so embarrassing. But still, one of the best nights. I tested my alcohol limit with people who were reliable and who took care of me and I couldn’t have asked for more.

I know that people from our old school would be like “what but you said you won’t drink in uni or get drunk or go clubbing” but now I do and I’m sorry people change (though I’m still the same person like it’s not like my personality took a 180 degree turn – Val can attest to it). I remember at the start of Uni Val thought I had changed like completely because I only texted her after a night out and she was like kinda upset. BUT I’m not. Val knows. I’m still very stupid.


Ok also I went for a chistmas carol service at the Cathedral on Monday night and. Oh my god. It’s beautiful. It’s one of the world heritage sites and the choral society was singing and it was just echoing throughout the cathedral and it was so peaceful and ethereal and majestic at the same time.


We weren’t allowed to take photos so i snuck this one. And then got told off after oops. But it was so beautiful.

We also had a Christmas formal last night and there were christmas crackers and everyone was in christmas jumpers. Cuths has this drinking tradition (every college has a drinking game at their formals) and ours is ‘noting’ which is where we pass notes and ask people to do a number of ‘digs’ (sips) with a reason. So like someone had passed me a note yesterday saying “2 digs for ending up drunk in our flat last night”. And it’s just really cute. It’s very different to the colleges that have formals twice a week (they have more intense drinking games) but it’s so friendly. Cuths is the friendliest college imo and it really just feels like a big family.

Anyways. That is all. I’m going to go now. I have fulfilled my blogging date.


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