December 2-week highlight reel (blogmas day all-the-days-i’ve-missed) ~ Valerie

I know it’s January already but I just wanted to post this as a record of freshman year in December for me to look back on later on:

December 9: Freshman Holiday Dinner

This was held at Commons and it looked like the fuckin Great Feast at Hogwarts. The pictures say it all. The food was good and we got dressed up and all that but the whole time I was terrified that someone was going to spill food on me or that I was going to spill food on them because everyone was going everywhere and it was so cramped. We were lucky we got there early because the line reached from one end of Commons to the other (case-in-point: Will came late and decided to not line up and just ate scraps of food off our plates). And then we were just about to leave but ‘Parade of the Comestibles’ happened—people came out with a marching band and ice sculptures and lobster and sushi and a roasted pig and they marched around Commons throwing candy around.

December 9-16: Final Reading Period

My first reading period!!!! Classes ended on December 9th and we had a whole week to study for finals. I only had two finals to study for and they were both pretty chill so I did nothing during this time. There was ONE productive night when Ryan and I used Forest (plug; Forest pls sponsor me I’m ur hugest fan) but that’s about it. There were tons of study breaks though: dance parties, McDonalds, cookie decorating, etc. Study breaks were essentially breaks from not studying.

Also there’s a thing called the Naked Run where you run completely naked through the library the night before finals start. Most of my friends did it, but I didn’t because I had a paper due in an hour. I truly feel like I missed out; maybe I’ll have the guts to do it next semester.

Check this cookie that Jocelyn and I decorated during a study break—we’re Artists ™

Secret Santa

This was adorable tbh. Objectively speaking, the best gift that was given was the otamatone to Will from yours truly.


The otamatone at work (can you tell i’m obsessed??)

First (real) snow!!!

My neighbor from across the fire exit screamed at 8am ‘SNOW!!!!! SNOW!!!!!! SNOW!!!!!!!!’ and woke me the fuck up and I was pissed as hell but still pretty excited about looking out the window and seeing a blanket of white. I didn’t go back to sleep; fuck my neighbors.

Freshman snowball fight

So it’s a tradition that every first snowfall of the year, the freshmen gather in Old Campus and have a snowball fight.





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