back again ~ Victoria

We’ve kind of been really inactive for the past few weeks and we’re sorry. Actually I’m sorry, Val has been pestering me to blog (we kind of want to do an alternating thing per week but clearly I haven’t been on top of things and thus am only blogging now ugh). 2017 hasn’t really been a great year so far for being organised and managing time well in general so that really has to change. I have such a pretty daily planner from Typo that I’m starting to use and thank goodness for it to be honest. I would have almost forgotten that I had a tutorial tomorrow if not for it (hence me speed reading Hamlet… the real question is as a Lit student why haven’t I already read this play. I don’t know either. I quite like it though.)

Anyways, it’s been two weeks now since coming back to Durham. I can no longer blame my perpetual state of tiredness on jetlag and work has continued to pile up. I have 7 essays to write this term (woop, one more than last term!) and I’m involved with too many things for my own good. But I love it. I was really quite homesick on the way back here but that quickly changed. I just missed the homey feeling of being able to go to different people’s flats spontaneously or just talking to random people whenever. It has gotten a lot colder recently too. I don’t know I am now so comfortable with calling this place my home.

I guess I’ll do a kind of recap on these two weeks. We had ‘Refreshers Week’ which was like Freshers week. There was the silent disco – which has to be one of my favourite nights – and Newcastle night where 300 of us take coaches up to Digital. OK, let’s be real I don’t know anything about clubs and Durham isn’t too big of a help on that front considering they play Taylor Swift’s 22 non-remixed as well as Spice Girls. But being at Digital damn it was an experience. There was a stage and everything and it was impossible trying to find the toilet. But they played like proper songs that were actually good to dance to (not that I know how to dance). I feel like I’ve only just seen the light and now I realise just how shit Durham clubs are (in the most endearing way).

We had a surprise party at our flat for my flatmate and she completely didn’t expect it. There were 30 people in our flat alone and oh it was so cute. We decked out the place in fairy lights and bunting and had sangria and the atmosphere was so chill and cozy. I did a thing this night that Val hates me for and maybe I’ll put up another post to vaguely cover my relationships/non-relationships.

Other than that… Chinese New Year has arrived and it’s the first time not spending it with relatives. I miss flying to Singapore, meeting my very large family, playing card games (or other things) with my cousins, being completely sick of Lo Hei, sweating constantly, stuffing myself with hawker food, spending hours at my grandfather’s place doing nothing (but enjoying it)… Ah it’s going to be another two years before I can spend CNY again in Singapore. Thankfully Celeste and Rachel and I made dumplings and had our very on CNY eve night to which later on Rach and I watched Ah Boys to Men 3 in bed eating popcorn. There were a few just really racist people that kind of made us all really mad. We were making tom yum and they complained about the smell and how ‘oh the Asians have taken over’ and then questioning why we use chopsticks when we can use fork and spoons. The fuck? Are you kidding me lmao how backwards can you be? Educate yourselves and open your minds a bit lol. There’s nothing cool about being stuck in the mindset that British culture is the only culture there is and it’s the ‘correct’ one. Ugh.

There was also a Singapore Society thing on Saturday that was pretty cool. Though we don’t really participate in socialising while we’re there I met my Singsoc moms and they were so fun to be with. So easy to talk to and there’s something about the familiarity of their accent and the way they think that makes it so comfortable to connect with and open up to. I hope that didn’t come out the wrong way.

I’ve made it a point to be more involved with Cuths (my college) so aside from joining the bouldering club, I’m now a part of the international committee and apparently assistant producer for a college play. Literally have zero idea how to produce a play, don’t know how I even managed to get this role. The person interviewing me was like “so what do you think a producer does?” and I was like “um. I don’t really know? I just want to try?”. So… there I’ve gotten myself caught up in a thing that I have to produce from scratch. As in lighting, casting, props, budget, etc. My head hurts.

Disclaimer – this post has been a mess I will write better ones soon but I’m currently border lining delirium because of my fever and sore throat and stress over the fact that none of the dryers at our laundry work so I don’t know how I’m going to wash my sheets and dry them and





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