the people i hate in lectures ~ Victoria

i’m back again and i’m spontaneously writing another post because i’m really so pissed. don’t worry about me from the other post; i’m alright, i was just a bit shaken, and honestly it wasn’t that massively disturbing. i’ll deal with it. i’ve blocked him on everything possible and am going to do everything i can to never see him again.

i’ve just come back from an amazing lecture on dr faustus (amazing because I absolutely love the lecturer he’s funny and so knowledgeable and down to earth). but this group of people in front of me completely ruined it for me. it was a group of 3 girls and 1 guy and they were constantly on their phones or laptop (or alternating at 5 minute intervals) and laughing at whatever was on it. this particular guy was scrolling through facebook and whispering to his friend next to him and when he decided ‘oh, i probably should do some work’, he just went and copied off the notes on his friend’s laptop. all this while the lecturer was speaking.

did it occur to you that maybe you’d have notes on your laptop if you listened? they were giggling and laughing at the most inappropriate times and didn’t even bother being a little quieter just so that the people around them could actually focus. this one girl – who apparently got the lead role of dorian grey in the massive uni play (it was cast gender blind) – kept lifting her phone up right to her face and texting like that in full view for the lecturer to see. like do you have no shame at all? ever thought of how disrespectful you’re being to the lecturer and to the people around you geez.

if you’re already here, at the lecture theatre, and you’re sitting there, with the lecture going on, the least you could do is just shut up and let everyone else learn. if you’re there already, be considerate. or just don’t come if all you’re going to do is take snapchats of each other or shop online or text friends or look through facebook posts it’s really not an effective use of your time and no one wants you here anyways. and honestly, it’s 1 hour. 1 bloody hour. you can shut up for one hour. it’s not like it’s 2.5 hours or worse. it’s 1 hour. you can do it.

the most horrible part is that i learnt afterwards they were all drama people. so they were all involved in the big musicals/plays around the uni and they’ve all played lead roles before or something. and for some reason its in some people’s heads that if they’re part of drama then that’s like some automatic ticket up the social ladder and suddenly everyone knows you and all of them think they’re super popular. but the problem with that superiority/popularity complex and idea is that it doesn’t work in uni; it just makes you look stupid. uni is so big and when you’re just caught up in being in a society and getting roles to make yourself popular you become so headass and stuck up and it shows. your UGLY shows.

i hate people. i have a lecture to go to now and i realised i missed my 4pm tutorial (i honestly just can’t keep up with the tutorial schedule changes i want to kill someone).


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