studying english lit ~ Victoria

reading week has started for me woo! i didn’t have one last term (don’t really know why tbh) but we have one now and i can’t believe that means it’s already half way through epiphany term, really don’t know how time passed so quickly. but yeah i’m actually going to be using reading week to do work – hopefully – and travel to leeds for a play (pygmalion!) and then the feast of st cuthbert’s is on friday which will be cool.

i’ve been drowning in work. it’s just that time of the term where everything seems to be coming up super soon and you kind of have to dive into it and start writing because if you don’t start you’ll fall behind. at this point i’m not even caring if it’s good or bad i just need it to be done zzzz. i experienced a new level of stress as i was writing my essay that’s due in a week today and i got a reminder from a tutor about a second essay that i have to hand in the week after. like, i’m not even done with this first one and you’re already reminding me about the one due later great wow

ok but the thing with lit though… i love it, a lot. i enjoy analysing it i enjoy getting that kink out of your thought process and reaching that stage where everything seems to fall together and you have a strong and coherent argument with the right amount of depth like damn i get a high off of it or something. but the problem is when i don’t. i’ve been stuck the entirety of today in the library trying to figure out the best way to compare two (very different) plays in terms of their structure and i’ve never written only about structure before so i’ve just been wracking my brain desperately finding really deep and unique perspectives into analysing it and i want to die why did i choose this questionnn.

i guess it’s all the more rewarding when i do get to the end and hand in something i’ve put in a lot of effort for. but ugh i just can’t.. so much work argh. that’s uni though. it wouldn’t be uni if i wasn’t forced to work hard and push myself to my limit.

this was pointless but i’ve realised that blogging does inspire me to write my essays sometimes woo.



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