big-little reveal week ~ Valerie

This is a long-overdue blog post but big-little week for my sorority was at the end of February! Your Big leaves you presents throughout the week anonymously, and finally reveals who she is at the end of the week.

1: I found this on my desk after I returned from class:

Skyler read the note and the first thing he said was “it sounds like you’re in a BDSM relationship where you’re the sub” -.-


3: My big messaged my suitemate who told her to contact my roommate who told her to contact Skyler who basically babysat me and monitored my presence so he could tell her when I’d left the room so she could set up.

Yes that’s a pic of me Ryan and Vic—my big was hinting that I had a twin (that she had two littles).

Reveal: I suspected my big to be who she turned out to be the entire time, and I couldn’t be happier ❤


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