i’ve never had so much work to do~ Victoria

haven’t been posting much lately and haven’t had time to even think about posting, but i have never had so much work to do ever in my life. i have never been this stressed – i would gladly welcome IB – and i genuinely don’t know where to start omfg.

first off, i’ve been helping to produce a play. so everything aside from the acting is on me (and rachel). that’s lighting, props, costume, stage blocking, marketing, tickets, etc. it’s a lot (AND I MEAN A LOT) of work. i don’t know how other productions do it because we only have 6 characters, but i’m already completely swamped. rehearsals are quite fun and i do like designing stuff like posters and tickets but it’s so time consuming and rehearsals can last anywhere between 1-6 hours ending latest 10pm so far (i’m sure it’ll go on to later as we run tech). anyways that is taking up a lot of my time.

all of that on top of essays. so i have 2 due on monday, i’ve written one (not the best thing i’ve ever written) and i haven’t even started on the other one and i’m worried i won’t even have time for it (see point 1). i have another one due the week after (which is the first night of our show) and a summative due on the last day of term. great right?!!!!!!

on top of that i have to fit in social life – so yeah some people do have parties and things next week and i know i could easily say i can’t go but YOU GET IT. i’m only gonna go for one of those things next week just to seem more like a functioning human being. i’ve already pulled 2 all nighters in the past week and no doubt i’ll be pulling another one tonight. genuinely about to break down at at any point i feel like but it’s alright i know it’ll be so rewarding in the end.

but guess who is now going to be an open day ambassador for the uni!!!!!??? yaaaaas.

ok now i need to get to work and do as much reading before 4pm. BYE.


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