road trip to Montreal ~ Valerie

So my friends and I had been planning for the longest time to go to Europe over spring break. Then we changed our mind and decided on Mexico, but that fell through. We settled on a 3-day road trip to Montreal, which would be a 5 hour drive but still meant that we got to leave the country.

Day 1

We got a rental car and started driving at 7pm. It was dark and we were the only ones on the road and it also fucking started SNOWING and Skyler says that he was certain he was going to crash, but we turned out okay. We ended up getting to the Airbnb at 3am………

Here’s a video of Gabe trying to wipe the frost off the windshield:


Day 2

I don’t think any of us realized how cold it was going to be. It was negative 20 degrees Celsius and with the wind it probably felt like -40. I had NEVER felt SO COLD IN MY LIFE and even though I was pretty bundled up, going out literally hurt me.

“Is that a rabbit” “Is that a porcupine?” 

(penguins are the fucking best)

And then we just drove around and walked around and ate a lot of food. We stole a street sign and while stealing the sign, got back to the car and realized that we got a parking ticket y a y

them buying alcohol legally for the first time:

We went out but forgot our IDs so the club wouldn’t let us in. I then tried to get them to go to a strip club but none of them were willing??? Even though I was the only female among 4 other males??? And then we went back to the apartment to get our IDs to go back to that club but at that point I was too drunk so I just went to sleep lmao

Day 3

yeah disclaimer I’m halfheartedly writing this post a month after the actual trip so the details are hazy and I didn’t even take pictures of everything we did so I’m leaving a lot out oops. all in all I just had so much fun spending time with friends in a different setting and getting to explore a foreign city (even though it was very very cold). I never want to stop going to new places I want to travel to every corner of the world with him & I can’t wait for the next adventure.


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