exam countdown: d-3 ~ Victoria

Today was the official day for the start of exams so quite a lot of people had their first papers. It was a lot of ‘oh that was better than I thought’ ‘not the best but I’m going to pass’ or ‘fuck it I don’t even care at this point’. But it’s nice; it’s a nice feeling of solidarity when everyone is literally aiming for 40% and not caring too much.

I finished revising for V for Vendetta today – which I’m just going to say has to be my favourite text on the course so far. It’s so good and so mindblowing and you can analyse layers and layers of it because there are so many philosophical questions and allusions and it’s just great. Everyone go read it. Currently revising for poetry now and will probably try to sleep a bit earlier to adjust my sleep schedule but who are we kidding here lol.

I’m excited for exams to start and then end and then go ham after it. I’m nervous but I know that once things start rolling it’s going to end as soon as it’s started. Plus thank goodness for that two day break after three exams. I know I can pass so everything’s fine. I just want it to end – it’s been 3.5 consistent weeks of studying (and STUDYING AND STUDYING) and reading. And stressing out a lot about things. And I’m bored of it. Granted I haven’t had lectures in a while or tutorials but just having to wake up, work work work work work, go to sleep, and repeat is so boring. I want to go climbing and go out at night and make random trips to Newcastle or explore Durham and go on walks and jogs along the river wear. I want to actually take care of my skin and STOP GETTING RANDOM PIMPLES EVERYWHERE. I’m so bored. May 24 is not far away, and if I survived IB I can get through this!!!!!



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