exam countdown: d-2 ~ Victoria

Oops this was supposed to be yesterday.

Idk what happened yesterday except that I stayed up really late, slept at 4. Finished revising poetry – focusing on sonnet, elegy, open form and hopefully imagery/symbolism/stanza will all be in there. The way the poetry exam works is that they ask you questions based on form or technique. So poetic forms would be like sonnet, elegy, villainelle, ballads etc. and techniques would be like imagery, symbolism, the function of a stanza that kinda thing. You have to refer to three poems for each essay and you write 3 essays in 3 hours obviously. Poetry might be the only one I’m ok with because it’s open book so I can basically analyse the poems on the spot (ofc I wouldn’t because that would take so much time in the exam and 50 minutes for one essay is not a lot).

I also did laundry (1.5 weeks worth). Everytime I walk to the laundry with my big bag of clothes I look insane. I hate that the laundry is not right underneath my accommodation ugh. But anyways, did that, waited in Celeste’s room with Rach and freaked out a little because I put my clothes in hot wash and I thought everything had shrunk but because Cuths’ facilities are shit we didn’t even have hot wash for clothes thank goodness. Came back, died a little trying to skim Jane Eyre – did half eh it was fine. I just realised how I’m able to see myself in so many of these texts like, Rochester’s controlling, commanding and overbearing nature is so thinly veiled by his love for Jane. And in the Rover Angellica loses all control and power the second she gives up the one thing that makes her value – her prostitution etc. – and it’s kinda like when you tell a person you like them you lose control over your own feelings and suddenly that person has a lot more power and agency to hurt you. English is lit man.

Anyways didn’t sleep too late yesterday. I’ve been taking breaks by watching Brooklyn 99 and it’s such a good motivation. Like I’ll tell msyelf I’ll go through 10 chapters and then watch an episode. And I love it so much omg (though New Girl and Parks and Rec are still at the top of my list).




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