exams! d-day ~ Victoria

i’m gonna need to be quick about this post because it’s almost 1:30 and i need to wake up at 7:30 if i want to get anymore revision done so.

today was my first exam!! basically woke up at 8, revised all my notes a lil, went and met all the other lit students fr my college at 8:50 and then walked to the venue in time for 9. we just all sat in the corridor revising a bit and being done and it was quite nice even though we were half an hour early.

surprisingly i wasn’t as nervous as i thought i would be. i felt quite calm because the venue was like a small classroom with weirdly comfortable chairs. we filled in an attendance card and stuff and had all our books laid out. when it came time to start i just chose questions that i knew how to do. i got so lucky with a question that was exactly the same as an essay i wrote for a formative that i got a first in so i just regurgitated that. but what i absolutely hated was that first essay, fine, wrote it fine, moved onto second ok good doing wel but then you get halfway and your energy is just ebbing away because you’re 1.5 hours in and you realise you still have to write YET ANOTHER ONE OF THESE ESSAYS. my hand is hurting, i’m writing 4 sides per essay and my brain is close to being fried. not to mention the room is humid as fuck and i felt like fainting in my poor choice of clothing (A SWEATER). handing those booklets in felt so good because it was one down and i didn’t have to think about poetry for the next few months. 

it all went fine. we all relied on a good question for the sonnet but it was quite a shit one and everyone was spooked. but we coped.

then i went to the bailey for a good and filling lunch and it was great i liked it it made me happy. i’ve been eating so much at the bailey i think i’m gaining a lot of weight but it’s fine i’m telling myself once exams end i’m going to start running daily and going climbing weekly. it’ll be lit!

came back from lunch, tried to revise quotes, got so sleepy i took a 2 hour nap. honestly 3 hour papers are so fucking draining jesus. woke up, made a bit of dinner and then ben came over to revise together. 

i’ve figured out the best way for me to revise novel. i make all my notes beforehand i.e. summaries, themes and a mass of quotes. and closer to the exam date (in this case the night before) rewrite important quotes and read JSTOR articles just to kickstart that analysis part of my brain.

ben and i shat ourselves laughing because he used my cup and it had a v on it and we both thought of v for vendetta. see my snap story for the funniest thing.

it’s so enjoyable revising with someone who cares about exams as well and does the same subject. we’ve revised together so frequently that we know to stay silent and work for maybe 30 minutes before a brief break, then power through again. it’s nice; he’s a good study buddy.

novel is tomorrow!!! i’m really quite worried but i figured i know enough to be able to bullshit a 50 minute essay on any of the texts. hopefully at least.

wish me luck guys!!!



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