exams day 3 (and 2?) ~ Victoria

ok i get that probably no one cares about my exam updates but i’m the only half here that’s hauling ass to keep this blog alive YES I’M TALKING TO YOU VALERIE

i’ve made it through all of my intro modules! that’s 9 hours of papers done for poetry, drama and novel! novel was weirdly fine even though i thought it was going to be a difficult one. there was a nice question for v for vendetta and the swivel chair had really nice back support and it made the 3 hours really comfortable. i wrote quite a bit for that paper so that was nice too.

waking up this morning at 7 and walking to maiden castle (it’s like a gym) at 8:45 today was nice. it always feels nice walking into the examination hall with a group of other lit people. i panicked a bit last night because i realised how weak of a grasp i had on hamlet and the rover and i spam-read critics for them hoping anything would absorb.

there were two other papers also taking place at maiden castle – physics and maths. which is the weirdest combination and we were in a hall of about 400 people. it was the weirdest thing because the lit students were carrying anthologies and books that were super thick and then there’s maths students with their calculators. the lit section of the hall was 90% girls, and the physics and maths section was 80% guys. it was quite obvious the disparity lol but it was amusing. anyways, furiously wrote for yet another 3 hours, had good questions and was very very very happy that the worst of all my papers are over! except classbib. but i’m relying on my brain to suddenly have amazing memory for that first question fs.

then i just rested for a while – procrastinated and skyped val, watched b99 – before going to dinner even though i wasn’t feeling hungry because rob eats way too much and complains about the portions all the time so i went just so he could have mine. decent dinner with a good brownie (tho i didn’t really eat). then came back, hung out in rhodri’s kitchen with rob, rahul, rhodri and lucy for a bit – stealing their coffee once again – and talking shit about a lot of stupid things.

afterwards was the acoustic night thing at brooks bar and i genuinely thought it’d just be a cosy thing with like 10-15 people but so many people were there it felt like a proper cuths night. bailey people came over and it was nice while people spontaneously went up to the mic with a guitar and sang. we just sat and drank and talked about dumb things and laughed about things, forgetting just for a second that we all still had exams. but it felt so nice celebrating the first week of exams. i can’t imagine what it would be like after everything ends and everyone is completely carefree. it’s night like these that i know i’ll miss being a first year and the freedom to just randomly come to brooks bar and work/get a pint and talk shit with anyone who’s there.

we also had our own acoustic version of angels (our song!!) and sang it with our arms around each other. :’)

it’s sunday today and i don’t have exams until tuesday but i have so much to do until then 😦 have to revise oedipus rex, beowulf and the book of job what the fuck. and memorise the 100+ classical backgrounds and names of characters. ugh.

but still, a good saturday, a decent set of exams hopefully it’ll continue to be this nice and smooth sailing. i’m a lot less stressed and tense than i thought i would be.



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