post-exams post + other things ~ Victoria

This is slightly overdue because exams ended like almost 4 weeks ago but it’s fine I’m going to recap on things! (end of exams to June 2nd)

I mean I guess I should kinda go on a bit about the last exam and how I ended up celebrating it. Last exam went absolute shit It was the worst one I sat and I know I’m going to do the worst in that because I literally studied one entire book of the bible the night before (Ecclesiastes, if you were curious) and ended up bullshitting my essay for that. I think I’ll pass.. well I know I’ll pass but it was just crap.

Nothing felt better than going into lunch and eating my pizza (meal for that day if I remember correctly) and not worrying about having to go back to Parson’s to continue studying. Rob and I annoyed everyone we were eating with because we were both done while the rest weren’t. But it was a great day. That night we had Pre’s at Brooks A and it was so fun just letting lose and playing random drinking games. I think we ended up in Jimmy’s after that which was super packed so I left a little early but it was a great night and the feeling of being done after so many consistent weeks of revising was almost equal to us finishing IB last year (definitely not on the same level because Val and I were so shocked and in disbelief that I remember we sat in Starbucks not knowing what to do for a few hours or so after we had suffered for 2 years non-stop).

Thursday afternoon – the day after exams – was spent in the rugby field near parson’s playing frisbee (learning how to play frisbee in my case) and it was so nice. Most of refounders were out and then more parson’s people ended up going to the rugby field so there were like 25+ people playing ultimate frisbee which ended up in chaos. There was a lot of day drinking, and a lot of just sitting and chilling and it was such a good feeling. It makes me kinda sad that we won’t get this next year. This night we went out again and I think it was Jimmy’s as well. Not a bad night but the most memorable bit was that this was the first time we had pre’s in the mini field outside of Fonteyn and it was so cute there was just a bunch of people playing idk ring of fire and the unanimous 321 game and it was lit.

Friday was my third night out in a row and i was beyond exhausted but it was still cool Don’t remember the rest of that weekend to be honest – I was just trying not to die from the 3 consecutive days of drinking.

This week was when the cute stuff happened. There was a wedding on Tuesday between two of my friends – college wedding (brief idea of what it is: basically you can propose to someone during your first year and you can choose to hold a ceremony to get ‘married’ to them. Next year you get assigned college children which are first years from the same course as you guys and it’s cute). We all dressed up and had pre’s and it was so cute because the bride and groom (groom and groom but tbh Rhodri is more of a bride) were in suits and I was a bridesmaid and we were in dresses and there were so many people in the Fonteyn courtyard it was so cute. Everyone was just riding off the end of exams high and it was brilliant. OFC we went to Jimmy’s afterwards and this was the most drunk I’ve been in a long time but it was so fun just dancing. I was a happy drunk and Jimmy’s always has great music.


Following that was Melissa’s birthday bar crawl which ended up being not really that way. I pre’d with Rob and Rhodri – yep just the 3 of us – and we did a ridiculous drinking game combined with Irish snap. Rules included things like if a King came up we had to go stroke Rahul’s newly shaven face or if a Joker came up we had to race out the flat and the last one had to down their drink. It was an absolute mess just between the three of us. We then ended up meeting everyone at Cuth’s bar and it was nice. Just a big gathering of people. After which we all went to Loveshack and honestly I’ve forgotten what it was like to be in a club where you weren’t completely sweaty or struggling to move around. That was really cute too because it was mostly Cuths people there.

Following that was the most random and spontaneous night I ever had. We went to the Korean society drinking social where there was soju and other Korean alcohol. We paid 25£ among the 3 of us (Jenny + Elena) for a lot of Soju shots and Maekgeolli (rice wine) and other drinks that were SO GOOD. We went back, decided to watch Train to Busan, only later to randomly leave for Paddy’s because we were craving cheesy chips. When we had realised Paddy’s was closed, we walked further to find an amazing fried chicken shop. Elena and I bought 6 pieces of chicken and 2 portions of chips and the 3 of us just sat at Market Square (it’s in the middle of town) and ate our food. It was the best feeling ever despite it being completely spontaneous. We got back to my kitchen and sat around the table again drinking milk tea and talking about dumb things and DMC-ing. It was so random but it was one of my favourite nights.

[Part 2 will come soon!]




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