final fresher days: my room ~ Victoria

It’s hit me today as I went around town with Rachel to steal boxes from Tesco to pack things in that first year is basically nearing its end, and I am freaking out at how quickly time has passed. How am I already a Uni student for a year and how did I even manage to go through all of my exams? How the hell did I cope with being thrown into such an environment that focuses so much on drinking and – actually – how did I grow to like clubbing as much as I do now???? How has so much changed in the span of just a year and how have I gone through so many instances of heartbreak (already)??? How did I manage to make new friends despite being in the same environment and country for 17 years of my life? How did I manage living alone, feeding myself, signing for a house, produce a play, become the vice president of climbing, dabble in so many different things and experienced that much more of what life as to offer??

How the hell did I ever think of considering studying and staying in Singapore or Hong Kong????

As I’m completely overwhelmed with these feelings I’m gonna do a series of posts to document these last few days at uni titled ‘final fresher days’. There’s gonna be one about the other post-exams events that has already happened, a few about my life in Durham, one about my favourite places in Durham (gonna go exploring next week). Here’s one about my room in Durham (because I know I’ll look back on this next year and it’ll be the sole trigger for so many of my first year mems).

Here’s the first panorama of my room!!! It’s slightly labelled because I went a bit extra and thought it would be artsy if I did this. But I don’t think it helps at all. Anyways it’s not too heavily decorated (ok maybe it is considering the posters + books + ticket stub corkboard).

FullSizeRender 3

The first thing everyone says when they come to my room is ‘wow you have a lot of books’. My desk is freakishly long and all of my course books take up at least 2/3 of my shelf. My desk is also a really good size – I can open 7 books on my table and still have space to comfortably write and stuff. It’s a nice room though it might be the oldest block in Parson’s but it’s really cozy. The few things I don’t like about this room is that it’s SO dark – I need my sink light on at all times or it just looks too gloomy and dark. Also that there are a lot of spiders. I think it has to do with how old the room is but I suspect they climb out of little holes from the wall. I always spot a cobweb or two around my room UGH. But I’ve gotten used to killing them. OH and also that it faces a foresty grassy area so whenever I open my window bees and long legged flying things and every insect known to mankind gets into my room.

I also made it a point to collect tickets and things from plays I’ve been to, trips to Newcastle/Leeds, club wristbands, other college events wristbands (freshers, feast, summer ball), cards, a signed thing from the cast of the play I co-produced… etc. etc. One of my favourite things from this are the little notecards and slips of paper that we pass around during formals or dinners. Every college has a very distinct drinking game unique to them for formals and balls and ours is quite cute because what we have is a note passing drinking game. Basically you write the person’s name at the top of it, and give out ‘digs’ which are sips of your wine/rose. And you write a reason for them to have sips, so for instance I had one from a few of my guy friends which said ‘2 digs for ended up drunk in our flat’ and one lovingly written from Rachel that said ‘2 digs for putting all your clothes in hot wash’ because I’m stupid. And it’s the cutest thing. It’s great to just keep as a memory (and also a great excuse to drink a lot). I’ve also got a few memorabilia from costumes I’ve made for climbing socials.

FullSizeRender 6

Future me would like to know the view outside my room and this will not be of any significance to anyone who isn’t from Durham but that’s ok. I face Whinney Hill YES the hill that people walk back to college from the Science Site/Billy B. So if I’m stupid and I forget to close my curtains before sleeping, everyone can literally peer into my room and see my sleeping face because I don’t have 9ams and I’m never awake before 12.

FullSizeRender 4

Here is a closer look at the amount of books I accumulated over the entire year. It’s an insane amount and I regret buying half of them because either I didn’t need it or they were already in the Norton Anthology (Tip for future Lit students: CHECK first what’s in your anthology, and LOOK at the exam format before buying all the books).

FullSizeRender 5

And here’s my wall of photos. Mostly they’re from trips I’ve been and of our IB years and CAS trip and grad trip and just memories of people from home. MOST of these are of Val and I not gonna lie because she remains the one of the most important people in my life. The polaroids are of nights when people have just ended up in my room after the club and everyone’s just at a happy tipsy level. Also I’m going to really miss this but there is a light switch RIGHT by my bed which is SO genius because there’s a switch right next to the door that’s too far from reach when you’re already in bed so it’s v convenient.IMG_3111

Now that I look back on it showing my room on a public platform seems way too personal but it’s fine. It’s just my room ^_^



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