i’m fucked ~ Valerie

going along with Vic’s theme of blogging about exam stress… i have two papers due today at 5pm, PLUS i need to pack up all my shit because i stupidly bought an airplane ticket for 9pm today. my first paper is for my autism class, needs to be 20 pages long, and is worth 100% of my grade. the professor grading it is one of the leading researchers in the field of autism (he literally wrote the section on autism in the DSM-IV), so he is definitely going to read my paper and laugh at my inadequacy.

my second paper is on gaps in the international human rights architecture for migrant workers, and i’m specifically focusing on why there are so many more robust protection mechanisms for refugees but not migrants. i love writing about writing my paper, but not actually writing it. i hate myself.

can we also talk about how stressful packing is. it’s so difficult and i’m sad that my room looks sad and empty but i have no time to be sad because i have so much shit to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

another tragic thing: everyone else is done. my friends are gone. nobody still has finals to take. it’s just me and my two papers. here’s a video of me, thriving:

fuuuck i can’t wait to be done i’ll be done in 10 hours


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