d-4 till my NEXT exam ~ Victoria

how on earth has my 8 days become 4 so quickly

so following from that mess of a post, i ended up getting 3 hours of sleep, which in retrospect was none at all because i kept waking up cuz of panic. slept at 3 woke up at 6, spent three hours revising quotes that mornign before taking mye xam from 9:30-12:30

i’ve got something to say. the invigilators are shit incompetent shits. someone’s PHONE alarm started ringing and it’s that anxiety inducing iphone alarm that everyone has, and the invigilators didn’t even realise it was ringing until 2 minutes later, and they leisurely STROLLED around the general area to try and find the source of the sound. everyone was really ticked off honestly because 1) it is CLEARLY right there, in THE TOTE BAG, EVERYONE CAN TELL 2) AND AT THIS POINT, iT”S BEEN RINGING FOR 4 MINUTES. ENGLISH EXAMS WHERE YOU HAVE TO WRITE NON STOP FOR 3 hOURS ARE NOT EXAMS THAT YOU CAN BE DISTRACTED IN AT ALL. SO PICK THE FUCKING BAG UP, AND BRING IT OUT OF THE ROOM. but no, it was another 3 or 4 minutes before they actually picked the bag up, dazedly looked around and then decided oh we will walk leisurely out of the room. like fuck off one of my friends got so irritated he called the invigilators over and told them the bag is right there, please TAKE IT AWAY

fuck invigilators man. maybe that’s why you’re invigilating and not teaching

so my next exam is on friday 18 of may and my last one is on monday 21 of may i am so excited for it to be over !! but also really panicked!!!! because this next one is shakespeare and obviously everyone can write on shakespeare but i get a feeling that to do well you need to do more than just ‘write on shakespeare’. because if we are allowed the texts in the exam and it’s SHAKESPEARE then i tink they expect us to be a little more adventurous and discuss issues that most people wouldn’t which is really stressing me out because obviously i want to do well but that is so much effort???

ok also i’ve had a slump over the weekend and have been very VERY unmotivated i literally napped for four hours yesterday even though i had a good 10 hours of sleep the night before i need to start getting my panic back man

ok stay tuned


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