Victoria (Vic/”you’re so stupid”)

  • impulsive, irrational at times, direct, brutally honest (sometimes can be too mean/hurtful)
  • loves midnight snacks
  • love kpop – specifically GOT7 specifically yugyeom (i’ve blocked everyone we know)
  • love english literature but haven’t read enough lit to proudly proclaim that
  • actually just love the process of analysing lit; it gives me joy
  • i watch a lot of korean things now
  • cuths, durham, 2019

Valerie (Val/the better one)

  • short (5′2″) so I feel the need to make up for my height by yelling all the time
  • ravenclaw af
  • in contrast to Vic’s impulsivity I psychoanalyse and think everything through (but that’s not to say I’m a particularly calm/serene person)
  • huge procrastinator I’m pretty sure I fluked my way through high school and into uni
  • I journal